Radio Test Sets

Manual and automated radio testing for mobiles / portables and base stations / repeaters. Solutions for AM, FM, P25, DMR / MOTOTRBO, NXDN, PTC, and more.

Avionics Test Sets

Avionics test solutions supporting engineering, factory, flightline, and return to service test requirements for navigation, communication, transponder, TCAS, and fuel testing.


Radio-over-Internet Protocol (RoIP)

 JPS Intelligent Interconnect Technology incorporates Radio-over-Internet Protocol in many of its product and system offerings. This protocol allows voice communications over non-proprietary TCP/IP networks from one JPS interoperability device to another, over long distances, or over challenging environments. RoIP communication links settings can give a “relentless” mode that permanently connects with its peer device, and is self-healing. RoIP communications links can be malleable, and dynamically influenced by non-technical operators responsible for managing communication interoperability by using the JPS WAIS Controller software applications.

JPS Intelligent Interconnect Technology RoIP not only strives for reliability, but also employs customer-configurable VOCODERs that allow the link to fine-tune to fit requirements of bandwidth conservation (as low as 16kbps in one direction) or preservation of audio fidelity.

Standards-Based Protocol Approach

 JPS ACU Intelligent Interconnect Technology can deploy in small standalone interoperable domains that are not dependent upon networks, servers, or computers, and thereby give reliable and continuous communications interoperability. When communications need to manage interoperability over a vast area, ACU systems can use remote control with common local or wide area networks, or even the Internet by engaging standards-based TCP/IP network protocols. Usually these networks are already in place and in operations when ACU systems deploy in a region.

The SIP Digital Telephony Protocol exists in many of the JPS Intelligent Interconnect Technology  products and systems. SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a prevalent worldwide telephony protocol in use within many communication platforms, such as dispatch consoles, telephony enterprises, and even in many communication interoperability devices produced by other manufactures. The use of the SIP standards-based protocol in JPS Communication products strengthens our vendor neutrality philosophy towards system integration.

Additionally, all the JPS Intelligent Interconnect interoperability SIP interfaces follow the Department of  Homeland Security Public Safety VoIP Working Group, BSI Core Profile standard. The “Bridging System Interface” (BSI) standard ensures that JPS Communication interoperability gateways can share interoperable voice communications with other vendor’s interoperability gateways, bridging devices, and  end user units (such as VoIP phones) in an expedient and reliable manner.

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