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Avionics Test

Navigation ILS / VOR; COMM; Marker Beacon; SELCAL; Transponder; ADS-B In/Out; ADS-B Integrity; ADS-R; TCAS; IFF; Mode 5; Altimeter; GPS; Fuel Quantity Testing


Radio Test / auto-test

Analog: FM, AM, SSB

Digital:  P25 - Phase 1 & 2, DMR/MOTOTRBO, NXDN

Auto-Test: Motorola, Harris, Kenwood, EFJ, Tait, ICOM

Other: VSWR, Return Loss, Duplexer Tuning, Fault Tests


handheld analyzers / VNA

VNA; Cable & Antenna Tests; VSWR; Distance to Fault

Spectrum Analysis; Modulation Analysis

Interference Testing

RF Power Sensors; In-Line Power Meters


Portable Analyzers / VNA

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

VNA - 2 Port; Transmission Line Sweeps


Fiber, OTDR, Network test

Service Activation, Performance Monitoring, and Troubleshooting


wireless coverage test

RF Coverage Mapping; Drive Tests

Indoor Coverage Mapping


broadband signal Analyzers

Advanced Broadband Signal Generation and Analysis

Generation: 100kHz to 6GHz

Analysis: 100kHz to 6GHz; and 100kHz to 30GHz

Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW): 200 MHz (250 Msamples/s)

Live Signal Monitoring

Extensive Post-Capture Analysis: Pulse, PSK, QAM, etc.

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